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Tracy is awesome! It’s like she read my mind on the front cover. My wife and I both said “wow” when we saw it. I already know who is going to do my next cover!

Isaac Britton

It has been such an easy and exciting process working Virtually Possible. Tracy was able to take my ideas and turn them into a beautiful design. She is flexible, efficient and more than willing to make any changes. I will definitely use Virtually Possible again.
Brooke Sivendra

I am amazed that this designer can so accurately portray EXACTLY what I imagine and want for a book cover. Time and again.

Sally J. Walker

Tracy is amazing. (… She) responded to every request for changes with cheerful professionalism and lightning speed, resulting in a final book cover that is even more exciting than I had hoped for.
Paul Margolis

Tracy is nothing short of AMAZING! Her cover designs are one my favorite parts of being an author. I always look forward to seeing what she’s come up with, and it is always absolute perfection.

Beth Detjens

Virtually Possible is a fantastic designer and equally important a willing collaborator. I would highly recommend to anyone in need of talent, patience and a fantastic communicator.

Michiko Katsu

Tracy is first class. Excellent service delivery skills. Fantastic design capabilities. A pleasure to work with.

Barry S. Farah

She nailed my concept far better than I could even articulate it. And until the very end, she spared no effort in making every detail right. This is the kind of designer every creator loves to work with.
Ken Bible

An absolute dream to work with!!!
Chevis Brooks

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Virtually Possible is my new best friend.
Terence Michael

Exactly the vision we were looking to bring to this project. Look forward to working with Tracy again!
A15 Publishing

(Tracy) is extremely sweet and fun to work with, making this all a very wonderful experience.
Zera Di Mars

What an amazing experience! (Tracy) was pro-active and helpful. She tried to anticipate my needs and was super prompt with any requests. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product! Absolutely stunning!!
Julia Shupe

Great service and attention to detail. Professional and prompt communication. High quality work.
Andrew Watts

One of the best, not to mention most determined, designers I’ve ever worked with. Cannot speak highly enough.
M. Patrick Gibson

Very helpful with modifications and created an awesome, visually appealing book cover.
Cory Reese

Virtually Possible came up with an excellent concept right away and has worked tirelessly with me to make it fit with the themes of my novel.
A.J. Austin

Virtually Possible is a DREAM to work with. Wow. (Tracy is) easily the hardest-working, most responsive, most enthusiastic, and easiest-to-collaborate-with designer.
Michael Welker

I cannot speak highly enough of Tracy. Her flexibility, attitude and willingness were second to none. Highly recommended and I look forward to working with her again.

D.M. Murray

Couldn’t have been happier with my experience – designer was very cooperative and so attentive, and I feel like I got an incredible value for what I am getting – a professionally designed, awesome book cover!
A.C. Smith